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Managing Extraction Fields
Managing Extraction Fields

Manage which fields are extracted from your invoices

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Extraction fields define the type of data extracted from your documents. There are three categories of extraction fields in Semantik:

  • Invoice fields are standard fields found in vendor bills (e.g. invoice number, due date, total amount).

  • Vendor fields are attributes of your vendors (e.g. name, address, approver).

  • Line items are products or services being charged, often in the form of a table (e.g. description, quantity, unit price).


For information on the data that is included upon export, refer to Understanding Semantik Data.

Editing Extraction Fields

You can edit edit extraction fields by enabling or disabling them, adjusting the minimum confidence level, and marking them as required.

Enabling and Disabling Fields

To enable your extraction fields:

  1. Click Settings > Extraction.

  2. Select which fields you want to enable (Invoice, Vendor, Line Items). The most common fields are enabled by default.

  3. Disable any fields that don’t apply to your invoices. All fields that remain enabled will be extracted from the invoices. Any fields disabled will not be displayed in your review screen.

Adjusting the Minimum Confidence Level

On Invoice fields, you can adjust the minimum confidence level.

To adjust the minimum confidence level:

  1. Click Settings > Extraction.

  2. Use the slider to adjust the value for each extraction field. Note: If the confidence level for a field is below this number, it will be stopped for manual processing. You may need to test and fine-tune to get the best results.

Note: This feature does not apply to Line Item Fields or Vendor Fields.

You can select these fields as needed to extract the necessary data in the Review screen. When all selected fields meet their minimum confidence level, the invoice is automatically processed without manual review.

Marking Fields as Required

If a field is marked as Required, Semantik will prevent you from completing a review until that field is populated. This only applies to Invoice Fields and Vendor Fields.

To mark a field as required:

  1. Click Settings > Extraction.

  2. On the Invoice Fields and Vendor Fields tabs, click the check mark under the Required column for each field.

Note: Fields must be Enabled to be marked as Required.

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