Reviewing Invoices

Review and validate the extracted data from your invoices

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In this article, you’ll learn how to review the extracted data from your invoices and send that data to your configured destination.

Before you start

Before you start, make sure you have:

Review invoices

1. Select invoices for review

Imported invoices are automatically loaded in the New tab on the Dashboard.

To review specific invoices:

  1. Select invoices for review. Each user can review up to 45 invoices at once.

  2. Click the Review Invoices button.

2. Review and validate extraction fields

Review the extracted data and, if necessary, validate fields that are flagged for manual review.

  1. Select an invoice from the review queue in the left panel. The top invoice is selected by default.

  2. (Optional) While reviewing, you can:

    1. Remove an invoice from review

    2. Delete an invoice

    3. Change its orientation.

  3. Review and edit any flagged fields in the Results panel.

    If a field is flagged with a warning, you can either dismiss the warning or click into it to edit. Semantik will point to the data point on the invoice so you can compare the value to the extracted data.

    In the example shown above, the Tax Amount field is flagged for review with a cautionary triangle. Semantik flagged this field because the AI model is 88% confident that it has extracted the right value, which is below the confidence level set for that field. For more info on confidence settings, see Adjusting the Minimum Confidence Level.

    Enter the correct value or continue to Step 3: Send extracted data if all the flagged fields are correct.

  4. (Optional) Click the info icon on the right menu bar to view metadata for each invoice, such as import date, source, and ingestion ID.

3. Send extracted data

Click Complete Review to send the data to your configured destination.

Resuming review

While reviewing invoices, you can exit the Review screen and Semantik will save your progress for 30 minutes. To resume, click the Resume Review button on the Dashboard or the Review tab at the top of the screen.

After 30 minutes, any incomplete invoices will be returned to the New tab on the Dashboard and will be available for review by other users. Any validation or changes made during that time will be discarded.

Note: Once you begin reviewing an invoice, no other user can review it unless you remove it from your review.

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