Manually Capturing Tables
Learn how to manually capture simple tables.
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After submitting your invoices, Semantik will automatically extract any detected line items. If needed, you can manually capture a table as a backup. To manually capture a table, follow the steps below:

1. In the Review screen, select Line Items in the Results column.

Figure 1. Line Items

2. The Line Items panel displays. Click Capture to draw a box around a table on the document.

Figure 2. Capture Your Table

3. If desired, select Include headers. This will update the default headers with the first row of your extracted content.

4. Click Extract Table to extract the selected area.

Note: To extract a table that spans multiple pages, refer to Capturing Multi-Page Tables for additional steps.

Figure 3. Create Your Table

5. After reviewing the extraction values, click Complete Review and continue the invoice review process.

You have created a table for your invoice. This information will be available in export. For more information, refer to Understanding Webhooks.

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