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Reviewing Vendor Matching Results
Reviewing Vendor Matching Results
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After you have uploaded or synced a vendor master list, you can review the vendor that Semantik matched to your invoice on the Review screen.

Replacing a Matched Vendor

If Semantik isn’t able to match a vendor to the invoice, or if the matched vendor is incorrect, you can search and select a different vendor.

1. From the Results column, click the Vendor card.

The vendor panel will replace the field extraction results.

2. Search for the vendor that applies to your selected invoice.

Tip: If two vendors have the same name, try searching by the address or phone number.

Editing Vendor Results

To edit fields pulled from the master vendor list directly from the Review screen, select the field and begin typing. Manually entering vendor information will override the results pulled from the vendor master list and replace the contents of the vendor card.

Note: These changes will not affect the vendor master list.

Disabling Vendor Fields

To disable Vendor fields in your review screen, to to Settings > Extraction. For help, refer to Managing Vendor Fields.

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