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Manually Capturing Multi-Page Tables
Manually Capturing Multi-Page Tables

Learn how to capture tables that span multiple pages.

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With Semantik Invoice, you can manually capture tables that span multiple pages on an invoice. To do so, perform the following steps:

1. For the first page, follow the normal steps for Manually Capturing Tables.

2. For the next page, click the right arrow above the preview image.

Figure 1. Next Arrow

Figure 1. Next Arrow

3. Click Capture and draw a box around the table.

4. Enter the page interval for all middle pages in the Apply to pages field. For example, this sample invoice has 40 pages, so we set this to โ€œ2โ€“39โ€.

Figure 2. Apply to Pages Field

Figure 2. Apply to Pages Field

5. Click Extract Table.

6. Repeat steps 2โ€“5 for the final page. Make sure to set the Apply to pages field to only the final page.

7. After reviewing the extraction values, click Complete Review and continue the invoice review process.

You have successfully captured a multi-page table for your invoice. This information will be available in export. For more information, refer to Understanding Webhooks.

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