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Export Processed Invoices to NetSuite using Workato
Export Processed Invoices to NetSuite using Workato

Learn how to integrate Semantik Invoice with Oracle NetSuite using Workato.

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This page describes how to integrate Semantik Invoice with Oracle NetSuite using Workato. With Workato Recipes, you can send your processed invoice directly from Semantik to NetSuite, removing the need for manual data entry.


Before you start, the following configurations should be in place:

1. You will need to enable vendor matching in Semantik. Refer to Uploading a Vendor Master List for help.

2. You will need the following connections in Workato:

To add a new connection, go to App Connections > Create New Connections and connect the apps listed above.


This page will cover the following topics.

What Are Workato Recipes?

Workato recipes are a set of steps and conditions that automate complex workflows. Recipes include a few main components:

  • Connected applications, such as NetSuite and Semantik.

  • Triggers — events that prompt actions to happen automatically.

  • Actions — specific events, such as sending an email.

  • Conditions — a requirement that must be met before an action can be triggered, such as only sending an email if an invoice is above $500.

How This Recipe Works

To simplify your end-to-end workflow, we've tested and created a Workato recipe that will send the invoices you've processed in Semantik directly to NetSuite. Here's an overview of how this recipe works.

How it Works

When an invoice is reviewed in Semantik, create a new vendor bill in NetSuite and attach the invoice PDF file.


New invoice completed review in Semantik.


When the workflow is triggered, the following actions run:

  1. Downloads the PDF file from Semantik.

  2. Uploads the file to Google Drive.

  3. Maps Semantik fields to their NetSuite equivalents.

  4. Creates a Vendor bill in NetSuite and attaches the PDF file to the bill.

  5. Sends an email when an invoice is successfully pushed to NetSuite.


  • The invoice total amount can't be blank, otherwise, the recipe will stop and send an email warning.

  • If the invoice is over $6,000 it will be routed for approval using a People Task.

How to Use This Recipe

This section describes how to use this recipe in three simple steps.

Step 1: Enable the Recipe

First, you will need to enable the recipe. To do so, perform the following steps:

1. When logged in to Workato, go to Semantik Invoice Export NetSuite.

2. Click Use this recipe.

Workato will create a copy of the recipe for you to personalize, and display the following message:

3. Click Customize recipe (If you get a success message instead, click edit your recipe before testing).

Step 2: Resolve any Missing Fields

Next, you will need to update any fields that are missing after copying the recipe. Specifically, you will need to configure the People Task in step 10, and you may want to update the email notifications within the recipe.

The People Task will route invoices over $6,000 to your specified approver before the invoice can be accepted into NetSuite. To update the People Task:

1. Click step 10 in the recipe, Request approval via People Task.

2. Select the Approver, or enter the approver's email address.

3. Select the Decision by time. By default, this is set to 2 days.

4. If desired, edit any remaining fields, such as the Task title or Task document.

There are 7 email actions in this recipe:

  • Step 6, if the recipe stops because the invoice total amount is blank.

  • Step 12, if the approver in step 10 rejects the invoice.

  • Step 14, if the approver in step 10 accepts the invoice.

  • Step 16, if the approver in step 10 did not respond by the deadline.

  • Steps 26 and 30, when the recipe runs successfully (with or without line items, respectively).

  • Step 32, if the recipe fails due to an error.

To update these actions, perform the following steps:

5. Click the email step you want to edit (Send email via Workato).

6. In the To field, replace the Email notification variable with the recipient's email address.

7. If desired, edit the Subject and Message fields.

8. Repeat steps 5–7 above for the remaining email steps as needed.

Note: In step 7 of the recipe (Search Accounting periods in NetSuite) Workato converts the Invoice Date format (YYYY-MM-DD) from Semantik to the Accounting period format (Month, Year) from NetSuite. If your NetSuite configuration uses a different format, you will need to edit this formula accordingly. Refer to Display Conversion for help.

9. When you're satisfied with your changes, click Save.

Step 3: Test the Recipe

To test and enable the recipe, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Test at the top right of the editor.

  2. Wait for the test to execute. If it fails for any reason, refer to the highlighted steps to resolve any issues.

  3. If the test is successful, click Save and Exit.

  4. Click Start Recipe to enable the recipe.

Now any invoices you process in Semantik will automatically be sent to Oracle NetSuite.

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