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Managing Vendor Fields
Managing Vendor Fields
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The Extraction settings (under the gear icon at the top of the page) control which fields are extracted from the invoices on the Review screen. There are three categories of fields in Semantik:

  • Invoice attributes are standard fields found in vendor bills (e.g., invoice number, due date)

  • Line item attributes are products or services being charged that are found inside of tables (e.g., quantity, unit price)

  • Vendor attributes are characteristics about your vendors (e.g., name, address, telephone)

Available Vendor Fields

The following fields can be configured. Fields are enabled by default unless otherwise noted.

  • Name

  • Vendor ID

  • Approver

  • Memo

  • Street Address

  • PO Box

  • City

  • State

  • Postal Code

  • Country

  • Telephone

  • Customer ID

  • Status


  • IBAN

  • Tax ID

  • GL Code

  • Department

  • Custom 1

  • Custom 2

  • Custom 3

  • Custom 4

  • Custom 5

For descriptions of these fields, as well as additional data that is included upon export, refer to Understanding Semantik Data.

Managing Vendor Fields

To edit your vendor fields:

  1. Click Settings > Extraction.

  2. Select Vendor Fields (The most common fields are enabled by default.)

  3. Remove any fields that don’t apply to your invoices. (Any fields disabled will not be displayed in your review screen nor will they be captured and passed to your downstream system.)

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