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Import Failure - Missing File Extension
Import Failure - Missing File Extension
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When importing a file, the file shows as failed on the Dashboard and the following error message occurs on the Notifications screen:

Missing File Extension

Attachment file name does not have a file extension.

Root Cause

The file you imported does not have a file extension.

A file extension is the set of characters after the period that makes up a file name. For example, in the file name “example.pdf,” the .pdf is the file extension.

If a file doesn’t have an extension, Semantik is unable to determine what file type it is and will not be able to import it.


  1. Rename the file to include the supported file extension you are attempting to upload.

  2. Re-import the file to Semantik.

For a list of file types Semantik Invoice supports, see: What file types does Semantik Invoice support for importing?

Still having issues?

Contact Semantik Support for help resolving this issue.

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