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When integrating with Semantik via Workato you can leverage our pre-made recipes to get started quickly. These are publicly available recipes available in the Workato Community library.

Callable Recipes

These recipes can be called from any other recipe. Using callable recipes centralizes common tasks and reduces repeated actions.

  • Export-PDF - Pulls the PDF into Workato and exports it to common targets

  • Get-NormalizedTerm - Returns a normlized version of a term based on definitions in a lookup table

  • Invoke-ApprovalFlow - Includes a default approval workflow that can be edited for a wide variety of use cases

  • New-NetSuiteBill - Creates a vendor bill in NetSuite

  • Send-Notification - Centralizes the sending of notifications to reduce the effort of changing notification platforms

Example Recipes

These are top-level example recipes that can be used with the Ephesoft Semantik Workato connector.

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